UHC Bulletin







Our deepest condolences go to Harvey Kaufman on the death of his sister Berenice Alis.  We wish Harvey and all the family Long Life.

Our deepest condolences go to Robert Dewar on the death of his mother Jill Wood.  We wish Robert and all the family Long Life. 


Mazeltov to Andrea Dobkin and Ian Dobkin on the birth of their first grandchild, Ethan Jack Dobkin, a son for Nicole and Matthew.

Mazeltov to Keren & Daniel Shaw on the birth of their daughter Talia Mia.  A granddaughter for Hilary & Maurice Miller and Evette & Ivor Shaw.

A Message from Chazan Alby

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Chatanim and Neshei Chayil and their families a big Mazeltov!

They are Philip Goldberg (Chatan Torah), Raymond Williams (Chatan Bereishit), Natalie Pearce (Eishet Chayil), Rosalind Barnett (Eishet Chayil), Aiden Ross (Yeled Torah), Lottie Winston (Yaldah Bereishit), Joseph Williams (Yeled Torah) & Arielle Chait (Yaldah Bereishit).  Mazeltov to you all!

Simchat Torah!

A reminder of arrangements for Simchat Torah.  For those who have previously booked, our Simchat Torah Burger Bar will take place on the evening of Thursday 12th October after the service which begins at 6pm with Minchah, Maariv and Hakafot.  Please do not bring your tickets with you. There will be a list available on site to confirm you have booked.  Come and join the Events Team, Chazan Alby, your Chatanim, Neshei Chayil and honoured children for burgers & chips (a vegetarian option is also available)!

On Friday 13th October, the entire congregation is invited to the Simchat Torah Seudah following the service, at approximately 1.15pm.

A message to all children – come along to join in the fun with Professor Dan Slater and get your party bag!

Times are as follows:

10.15am Hakafot.

11am  We will be hosting a new event a Cocktails and Conversation for ladies in the Luper Room. Please see attached flyer for further details.

11am  Drinks and snacks for children in the Reception room

11.45am  Lunch for younger children in the Reception room.

12.15pm Children’ s call-up on the Bimah.

12.30pm-1.15pm Children’s entertainer, Professor Dan Slater

1.15pm Lunch for all in the Manny Cussins Hall 

Youth Services 


– 11.00am in the Doreen & Frank Freeman Room

Kinderlach led by JOSH DEWAR & RAFI SACKS

– 10.45am in the Luper Room

Dor Chadash/New Generation

– 10.45am in the Reception Room

Regular events and notices update 

Addendum to Last Week’s Bulletin

The Seudah last Shabbat (7th October) was sponsored by Suzy & Mark Niman in memory of Suzy’s father, Colin Black.  Apologies to Suzy & Mark for omitting this from last week’s Bulletin.

 LJOY Events 

LJOY events over the coming days; 

  • Simchat Torah Evening 6pm @ UHC Hakafot, Dancing & Burger Bar 12th October
  • Simchat Torah Morning 10.30am @ BHH Hakafot, Dancing and Food 13th October 

A Message from Milim

David Conn Sports Journalist is making a return visit to Leeds talk about his new book, The Fall Of The House Of FIFA. David exposes the extraordinary history and scale of the corruption within the organisation that controls world football. He includes biographies of the key figures implicated in the scandal and details the allegations against some of the most famous footballers on the planet including Franz Beckenbauer and Michel Platini.

The talk will be on Tuesday 7th November at The Grammar School at Leeds and will begin at 7.30pm

To book tickets go to https://milim2017davidconn2.eventbrite.co.uk

Sponsoring a Seudah 

If anyone would like to sponsor a Seudah on a Shabbat afternoon from 3rd February 2018, please contact the office to check availability.  The cost is £25.00. All remaining Seudahs for 2017 are now booked. 


CST has a new 24 hour emergency phone number for reporting antisemitic incidents, suspicious behaviour and informing them of security incidents. The new number is: 0800 032 3263.

Hospital and Pastoral Visits

We would like to ask all members and their families to notify the Shul office or Chazan Alby direct if any member is ill, in hospital or would like a pastoral visit.  Unfortunately, all too often we don’t know someone is in need or would like a visit until it is too late and we want to ensure that NO-ONE is missed.















A Message from Donisthorpe




When your loved one has reached the stage when their needs will always be beyond those that can be provided at home – but their condition isn’t sufficiently bad for them to need hospitalisation – then what do you do?


Donisthorpe will never be the perfect substitute for being at home – but it quickly becomes evident you’re loved one is in the best place they could be.  Uniquely it offers: specialist dementia care, kosher food, re-unites residents with long standing friends, a wide range of cultural classes, trips and outings, a shul and an in-house cinema.


Donisthorpe’s locality encourages regular visits and, where appropriate, allows the occasional trip home.  Currently Donisthorpe receives only very limited financial support form the community: Why?


1) People just don’t think about Donisthorpe Hall until they need it – but it’s a bit like Life Insurance – we hope we’ll never need it but we want it to be there when we do.


2) We assume the Government/Local Authority are picking up the bill. 75% of Donisthorpe residents are Government funded.  The Government pay the Home around £450 per week for each of these 60 residents.  However the cost of providing the basics all the residents need as well as the wonderful care and facilities is around £800 per week.  Resident’s families are being asked to help finance the shortfall – and many are – but of course some just can’t afford it.


3) A recent lack of confidence in the management of Donisthorpe – but now the Home has a new board who’ve brought in a new management team with specific skills and experience.  Overheads have already been reduced by almost 50%.  We’re an ever ageing community and as a community we’re going to become ever more reliant on quality care in our elders.


Despite all these positive changes if you want the a Jewish Donisthorpe to be around when you reach old age – you have to act now.  You have no other option.