About Us

The UHC is an independent orthodox synagogue operating under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth. We are an amalgamation of a number of older shuls, dating back to the middle of the nineteenth century, which finally came together on one site on Shadwell Lane, Leeds in 1986, creating an inspiring purpose built shul.

As one of the principal “mainstream” orthodox synagogues in Leeds we cater for a broad sweep of members, recognising their differing levels of commitment and affiliation whilst holding firm to our orthodox halakhic position. We aim to be inclusive, not exclusive, and to provide a rooted home for present and future members. We recognise that at each stage in life people have different needs of us, and we work to provide for all of these – for children, youth, young and older adults, the elderly, the well and the infirm. As well as providing the usual synagogue services we offer pastoral, advisory and counselling facilities, together with educational and social event. Within the Leeds Jewish community, we aim to provide our own community for our members.

We particularly welcome new members and prospective members, and as well as our “regulars”, those who wish to know more, do more, or have need of our services, as those needs arise. We aim, indeed, to welcome everyone.